Obama vacations in...Brazil
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The news that President Obama, after a pretend 27-hour “vacation” on the Redneck Riviera to fool the yokels, has retreated to Martha’s Vineyard for the rest of August is no surprise. As I said last year

The amazing extent to which Martha’s Vineyard is indeed the prime gathering ground of America’s Left Nomenklatura – the incestuous nexus of Wall Street/MSM/Ivy League/Foundation/Inside the Beltway specimens who batten on this country – has to be personally experienced to be believed.

By going there, Obama, like Clinton before him, was signaling that the Establishment is not at risk from him.

The island really is exhibit A of how America’s new elite prefers the country: with the old Yankee stock inhabitants displaced by cheaper and more biddable immigrants. (Blacks from the Boston inner city can forget it.)

See Democratic Elite prefers Martha’s Vineyard…Brazilian

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