Obama to Illegal Invaders—No Force on Earth Can Stop "Us"
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An increasingly unhinged Barack Obama, ostensibly President of the United States, screeched at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus that "no force on Earth can stop us."

"The clearest path to change is to change [the voter turnout] number," said Obama "Si se puede, si votamos! Yes, we can, if we vote!"

[Fired Up Obama to Immigration Activists: 'No Force On Earth Can Stop Us', by Daniel Halper, Weekly Standard, October 2, 2014]

Obama added,
"Each of us is called on to stand proudly for the values we believe in, and the future we seek. All of us have a chance to reach out and pull this country that we call home a little closer to its founding ideas. That's the spirit that's alive in this room. That's the spirit I saw in Luis and Victor and all the young people here tonight.

"That spirit is alive in America today, and with that spirit, no force on earth can stop us."  [Emphasis in original]

One of the hallmarks of American political discourse is the simultaneous claim that America's Founders and historic past were racist, imperialist, and altogether regrettable, but America's founding ideals are still somehow compatible with extreme leftism and the wholesale dispossession of the historic American nation.

Obama also claimed Cesar Chavez as an inspiration, bragging about hosting the recent eponymous film at the White House.  He left out Chavez's fierce opposition to illegal immigration and "wetbacks" (his term), which makes the Minutemen seem like wimps.

But what does it matter?  Violating the law, rewriting history, or acting like a lunatic college protester instead of a President — if it means making Americans a minority in their own country, anything is permitted.


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