Obama To Go To Highest Unemployment State To Call For More Immigration To Fill The Jobs Americans Just Can't Get
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No work has been done on the $4.8 billion Echelon casino  project on the Strip in Las Vegas in 4 years and 5 months

There are lots of unemployed Hispanics in Nevada, so that's where Obama is going to tell the world he wants more of them.

... Details of the Senate proposals remained unclear, but the principles are expected to address a process toward legalizing the status of unauthorized immigrants already in the country, border security, verification measures for employers hiring workers, and ways for more temporary workers to be admitted into the country.
If you mention that Las Vegas has a terrible unemployment problem, such that, for instance, no construction workers have set foot on the site of Echelon Place (the old Stardust casino) in almost 4 and a half years, well, the gears would start turning and finally the all-purpose answer would spit out: that just proves we need more immigration! See, the big problem with America is that there aren't enough idiots to go to Las Vegas and lose their money, so we need to import more. What could possibly go wrong?
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