Obama To Double Or Triple Legal Immigration?
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The treason bar hacks are at it again. They were wildly successful with the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty. And now they have a plan to expand legal immigration exponentially by similar Administrative Fiat. And I don't mean that trendy little car that we see in the City frequently now.

Now they are working on the illegal and unconstitutional plan to expand legal immigration by illegal means.

Not to get into the minutia of immigration law. The details of which are incomprehensible to the layman and even to most experts. But the a simple summary is that there is, in fact, no numerical limit to the number of legal immigrant visas available to the world, but there are certain limits to the numbers from each country. Those limits apply to both employment based visas and family based visas.

For instance an immigrant from Mexico sponsored by a Mexican legal permanent resident must wait years. There is though no limit to the number of spouses and minor children of American citizens. The limit is for all other relations.

There is also a country limit on employment based immigrant visas. There is also a limited total number of employment based immigrant visas, but interestingly enough that limit is never reached. So, what that tells us is that Facebook, Microserf, and HP just don't want the best and brightest, but the most subservient. A Chinese or Indian beneficiary is more likely to accept a lower starting wage and not job hop than perhaps a French, Irish, British, or German software programmer. There are, in fact, plenty of those. In fact the English are complaining about the number of Frogs with advanced technical degrees in the greater London area who are escaping the collapsing French high tech industry and business in general.

But back to the Treason Bar. Here is the plan: Stop counting dependents of an immigrant visa restricted by numerical limits. Hence a Mexican spouse of an Legal Permanent Resident with five dependent children, counted now as six against the numerical limit for Mexico, and count it only the primary beneficiary, the spouse.

ILW.com February 1, 2012 by Gary Endelman and Cyrus D. Mehta (The same team that gave us the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty!)

Why We Can’t Wait: How President Obama Can Erase Immigrant Visa Backlogs with the Stroke of A Pen

[Note: Stroke of the pen, law of the land. They are not even trying to hide it now.]

“The only valid test of leadership is the ability to lead, and lead vigorously.”[1]

As part of his emerging re-election strategy, President Obama has issued a series of executive orders designed to take action on serious national problems without support from the Congress.[2] In each case, the President has justified his actions with the rallying cry of “We Can’t Wait!” The press has taken note of this renewed executive vigor and the President’s poll numbers have begun to rise a bit as Americans are reminded once again of how powerful a bully pulpit the Presidency can be when its resources are fully engaged. One wonders if the same initiative could not produce equally dramatic results in the immigration arena. What if, for example, the President issued an executive decree that henceforth derivative family members would no longer be counted against the immigrant visa quotas, both family and employment-based? That single stroke of the pen would revolutionize United States immigration policy and, at long last, restore equilibrium to our imbalanced immigration system.

At this point, if one files a labor certification in 2011 under the employment-based third preference for India, it will take 70 years before the green card materializes![3] The adult son or daughter who was born in Mexico of a US citizen does much better relatively under the family-based first preference, but the wait is still close to 20 years! Such a hopeless wait is simply untenable for an employer who has unsuccessfully tested the US labor market for much needed skills in short supply. It is similarly inhumane for a parent to yearn for so long to reunite with her son. Mind you, we are talking here about legal immigration, and those who rail against unauthorized immigrants accuse them for not getting into the line. But when the avenues for legal immigration are few and the lines endless, the system has broken and we are dealing with a situation, in the face of Congressional paralysis, that is going from bad to abysmal. We acknowledge that the House recently passed H.R. 3012, the Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act on September 22, 2011 by a landslide vote of 389-15, which if passed, will eliminate the employment-based per country limits and increase the family-based per country cap from 7% to 15%. , H.R 3012,on the other hand, will not increase the overall number of immigrant visas. While it may reduce the waiting times for China and India in the employment-based preferences, nationals of all other countries may experience backlogs, especially in the employment-based second preference. Thus, the problems of backlogs will still remain. While we acknowledge that only Congress can create more avenues for legal immigration, is there a legal basis for an interpretation that would dramatically reduce, or even eliminate, such a long wait under the EB and FB preferences? We think there is.

They think there is... Of course they do. They have nothing but contempt for separation of powers, or any limits on the power of the executive branch, or any limit what so ever on the displacement of AmericansThe end justifies the means. They are the vilest of communist agents. Gramsci's burrowers. With an agenda. The end of US of KKK A.

The result of the end of counting of dependents being that for both employment and family based immigration, the numbers of immigrants would expand. If there are no limits on the per country immigration, there would also be a huge increase in total immigration, with five nationalities leading the way; Mexican, Chinese, Indian, Filipino, and Salvadoran immigrants. And with a concomitant increase in fraud, with primary beneficiaries selling family slots, something that is even common today especially among Filipinos.

There we have it. Obama has his instructions from the Treason Bar. It is just a matter of time. It has already begun. The hardship waiver for illegal aliens is being eliminated by executive fiat. Much like theadministrative end on proscription on immigration by homosexual marriage. Or ending legislatively mandated interviews for non-immigrant visas. A dictatorship unchallenged by anyone.

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