Obama's "Stolen Generation"?
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The conventional wisdom of the Obama Era appears to be that the solution to black underachievement is that we should take poor black children away from their mothers for as long as possible each day and turn them over to nice white people with liberal arts degrees for almost their entire waking hours.

Assuming that this isn't just a make-work program for nice white ladies with unmarketable soft degrees, hasn't anybody noticed that this is pretty much the same idea that motivated the Australian government in the 1920s and 1930s to take half-white / half-Aboriginal children away from their (frequently alcoholic) Aboriginal mothers and send them to taxpayer-supported boarding schools?

This practice is now denounced as "The Stolen Generation" and the Australian government recently engaged in an orgy of self-congratulation over apologizing for it.

Why is everybody so sure that taking black children away from their mothers and grandmothers will work out better in 21st Century America than it did in 20th Century Australia?

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