Obama's Plan B: Amnesty By Presidential Fiat. The Only Answer: Impeachment.
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The 2013 Amnesty/ Immigration Surge bill has never been the sure thing the Treason Lobby/ MSM has portrayed, and now Plan B has been run up the flagpole: universal expansion of the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty. If the House GOP won't cave, then Obama is planning to Amnesty by executive order every illegal alien in the United States.

The National Journal's Fawn Johnson reports (August 8, 2013, my emphases):

Immigration 'Plan B' Focuses on White House

Immigration-reform activists aren't supposed to talk publicly about a Plan B. They can't, or won't, answer questions from the media about what they will do if no bill passes this year to legalize the undocumented population. But as August wears on and there is no clear sense of what the House will do on immigration, some are starting to speak out.

"There are groups that are for immigration reform no matter what. Then there are groups like us, grassroots.... We have the other track," said Adelina Nicholls, the executive director of the Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights. "The other track is Barack Obama."

The idea behind the "other track" is to freeze the current undocumented population in place through an administrative order, give them work permits, and hope for a better deal under the next president, with the hope that he or she is a Democrat. It's a significant gamble, but some advocates—particularly those outside of the Washington legislative bartering system—argue that it's better than what they stand to see under the legislation being discussed now.

Many advocates have been discussing Plan B quietly for months, but they have kept a disciplined public message solely focused on supporting a comprehensive immigration bill in Congress. Even if they are uncomfortable with some of the bill's provisions (like, say, excluding anyone who has been convicted of petty theft from legalization), advocates don't want to appear fractured before a group of politicians who are wary about voting for anything that gives unauthorized immigrants legal status. As soon as reluctant lawmakers smell dissension in the ranks, they flee.

The Obama administration is different. It has already flexed its muscle and shown that it is willing to exert authority to stop the deportation of hundreds of thousands of undocumented youth through its deferred-action program announced last year. The immigrant community argues that there is no reason that this administrative authority cannot expand further to include other "low priority" candidates for deportation—i.e., parents of "Dreamers" or parents of children who are citizens because they were born here, people who are employed, people who are caregivers, and so on.

The same advocates who now are pushing Congress for an immigration overhaul were pushing the administration then for the deferred action program for undocumented youths who were brought to the country as children. Once it finally happened, it worked like a charm. To date, the Homeland Security Department has approved some 365,000 applications.

The Cultural Marxists claim there is a legal basis for the amnesty.

The same legal reasoning for not seeking deportation for unauthorized immigrants—there is no safety-related reason to do so—applies to other noncriminal aliens, immigration analysts argue.

Since John Boehner did nothing during the first Administrative Amnesty, the political reasoning is nothing more that they did it once, therefore the precedent has been set.

Politically, all President Obama needs is proof that Congress can't get the job done. That could happen in a matter of months with the Republican-led House still unsure of how it will deal with the undocumented population.

Legality to these people is what they get away with. Just as Nicolai Bukharin failed to support the Left Opposition to counterbalance Stalin, consequently setting the precedent for Bukharin's own purge, the failure of the RINOs to impeach Obama over the Administrative Amnesty has allowed the precedent to be set and used again.

This is nothing less than an Executive Branch coup d'etat. Impeachment is the only answer.

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