Obama's Half-Kenyan All-Republican Doppelganger
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Barack Obama has such an unusual background that it's interesting to find individuals very similar to him by heritage, such as his estranged half-brother Mark, and see how much they differ in world-view. Another doppelganger is the American-born daughter, Juliette Akinyi Ochieng, of Barack Obama Sr.'s old drinking buddy, the Kenyan newspaper editor Philip Ochieng. The elder Ochieng came to America to study under the same program as the elder Obama and their children were born 14 days apart. The Kenyan students eventually returned home where they spent a lot of time together, leaving their children to be raised by their American mothers.

Juliette is a retired U.S. Air Force sergeant and staunch Republican. Her LuoAmerican.com blog keeps up with the latest on the situation in Kenya (which appears to be better today than a couple of weeks ago) and

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