Obama's Administrative Amnesty Activated: Where Is GOP?
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Charlotte Hispanics Appreciating Amnesty

Charlotte Hispanics showing gratitude for Amnesty

If anyone out there doubts that the Obama Administrative Amnesty Coup D’état is real, they should consider Arrested DREAMers Won't Be Deported, Authorities Say By Jessica Cosicia Fox News Latino September 08

"Ten undocumented youths arrested in North Carolina during a immigration rights rally on Tuesday, have been released on bond…

Mecklenburg County jail officials said they determined that ten of 15 protesters are undocumented.

After jail officials confirmed that none of the undocumented youths had criminal records, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, told authorities Wednesday not to put detainers on them."

(Having a detainer put on them would be indicative that  the ICE intended to do something.)
"Domenic Powell, co-founder and spokesperson for the North Carolina Dream Team, conceded that they all knowingly risked deportation from the United States in a county that has 287(g) — a federal program that deputizes local law authorities to enforce immigration laws. But Powell considered Tuesday's arrests a test of how the Obama administration’s new policy on undocumented immigrants will be implemented."
In effect, the Feds are behaving as if Congress passed the DREAM Act. Which it did not.

In general, though the message to Law Enforcement Officers is clear: turning in illegal immigrants because they are illegal immigrants is a waste of time.

The message to the American people is equally clear: you might as well be living in an African Despotism. Constitutional processes are worthless and the Obamacrats rule by decree.

Where is the GOP?





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