Obama Regime Proposed Changes To Deportation Out From Migration Policy Institute
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Proposed changes to deportation are out. Not from the Obama Regime itself, but through a stand-in as before. My blog related that the Obama Regime originally signaled the creation of the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty through a cut out, the Treason Bar.

The proposed expansion of the Administrative Amnesty comes this time from the execrable Doris Meissner and Marc Rosenblum at the Migration Policy Institute (MPI). Meissner is a former Commissioner of the legacy Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) and herself the author of an administrative amnesty while Commissioner.

Interestingly, while in the memorandum Meissner wrote while Commissioner, she stated that the legacy INS cannot grant an alien a benefit for which the alien does not qualify, in the report from the MPI that she authored, she claims that there is no restriction on offering any benefit to any alien.

Also of interest is that in the new MPI report, Meissner refers to aliens as "non-citizens." This exemplifies her either shocking ignorance of immigration law for one who was once Commissioner of the INS or her casual disregard for the law, the latter the most likely.

Any reader of this blog knows that one can be either an American citizen or national, as nationals of the United States are those born in American Samoa and  Swains Island. Nationals are not always citizens, but all citizens are also nationals is something one learned early on in basic training with the INS.

It appears that instead of using the proper term to refer to all persons who are neither citizens or nationals of the United States, aliens, is a deliberate effort to use the softer and more confusing term "non-citizen" to mean an "alien" as defined in the Immigration and Nationality Act, as amended.

While much of the MPI report is meant to deceive, such as its claim that deportation of aliens is increasing while in fact deportations are collapsing, there is one section where the report is telegraphing the Obama Regime's plans to expand the Administrative Amnesty.

As an aside, I would like to point out that the authors recognize that the Regime has been exposed and admit that the Regime has an "administrative amnesty." (See page 8) I would also like to thank Meissner and Rosenblum for using a term this blog introduced into the immigration debate, but also condemn them for failing to credit the Federale blog with creating this term as is now widely used in the immigration debate.

MPI April 2014 by Doris Meissner and Marc Rosenblum
The Deportation Dilemma: Reconciling Tough and Humane Enforcement
C. Executive Actions
With the immigration debate deadlocked in Congress for nearly a decade...the most likely avenue for near term changes to deportation policies and outcomes is through executive branch actions.
The report then lists four areas where the Regime is urged to take action: 1) expand the amnesty for criminal aliens and expand the list of aliens labeled as not "priorities" for deportation , 2) stop arresting illegal aliens and expand the immigration court amnesty, 3) end any program that supports immigration enforcement such as Secure Communities and expedited removal, as well as end prosecution of criminal violations of immigration law, and 4) expand the Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals (DACA) to other groups of illegal aliens.

All these are outside the law, something that Meissner eventually admits, citing the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 (IIRAIRA) as both the driver of increased deportations since 1993, but also as expressing the will and intent of Congress on the issue.

A key goal of IIRAIRA was to constrain judicial discretion in most cases...Congress viewed those limits on discretionary relief as important tools for strengthening enforcement two decades ago.
Shock in that Meissner has such contempt for the Constitution and the laws of the United States, something she swore to uphold when she was Commissioner.

But what is clear is that the Regime will be implementing the expansion of the Administrative Amnesty over a broad area encompassing criminal aliens, lessening enforcement at the border and the interior, expanding illegal programs like DACA, and ending programs like expedited removal and Secure Communities.

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