Obama Regime Confirms That Obamacare Is Available For Nonimmigrant Foreigners
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During the Obamacare debate patriots were able to force Congress to prohibit illegal aliens from participating in Obamacare, at least directly.  Since identity and income will not be verified, the prohibition will be observed mostly in its absence. 

Illegals were formally prohibited by a clause in Obamacare that states all aliens covered by Obamacare must be legally present. What that means is besides the 1.2 million or so immigrants admitted to the United States each year, 1,031,631 in 2012, the 165 million non-immigrants admitted in 2012 were also eligible for Obamacare.

And the Regime has admitted it.  (h/t PJ Media)

While most non-immigrants won't use Obamacare, every tourist, student, and Mexican border crosser will be legally eligible.  Add to that immigration status will not be verified when a person applies for Obamacare, that number of eligible aliens will also include the 20 million illegal aliens living in the United States.  And since John Boehner does not want to defund Obamacare, consider that another aspect of Boehner's support for illegal immigration.

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