Obama Plans to Negotiate U.S. Immigration Policy with Mexican President
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President Obama recently met with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. Here, in its entirety, is a statement released by the White House on March 18th, 2009:
The President had a robust and strategic meeting with members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus today on the topic of immigration. The meeting lasted approximately one hour. The President discussed how the administration will work with the CHC to address immigration concerns in both the short and long term. During the meeting, the President announced that he will travel to Mexico next month to meet with President Calderon to discuss the deep and comprehensive US-Mexico relationship, including how the United States and Mexico can work together to support Mexico’s fight against drug-related violence and work toward effective, comprehensive immigration reform. Since their meeting in January, the President has repeatedly praised President Calderon for his extraordinary work to solve these challenges, which are important to communities and families on both sides of the border.
Notice how it says that Obama plans to "work with" the Congressional Hispanic Caucus to "address immigration concerns". That's not a good sign. Obama announced that he plans to go to Mexico , to talk with President Calderon about how the U.S. and Mexico can "work toward effective, comprehensive immigration reform". Excuse me, but U.S. immigration policy is the responsibility of American citizens and their leaders, and should be no business whatsoever of the president of Mexico. Americans need to remind Obama, and their Senators and Representatives, of this fact.
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