Obama Opens Secret Mission Up to Hollywood
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The Obama administration has a way of playing fast and loose with national security — like maintaining open borders in a dangerous world.

Another example has been the operation that killed Osama bin Laden in a Pakistani suburb. Way too much has already been revealed to the public concerning tactics, weapons and military units. Joe Biden blabbed that Navy SEALs performed the mission after even his boss said merely that “a small team of Americans” did the deed.

Now we hear that Hollywood will get special access to secret military details about the Osama operation so the filmmaker can produce a feature to be released just before the election. Just to give Obama a little boost, which he will need around that time.

Rep. Peter King was not impressed, and said he might have a hearing to investigate.

In another possibility for next year’s eventful pre-election season, it was announced this week that the Statue of Liberty would be closed starting Oct. 29 for a one-year renovation. The re-opening will certainly make a nice photo-op.

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