Obama on Border fence
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“The situation is more grave, given the danger of terrorists and infiltrators, than I originally thought,”

“We must reinforce the border and it will be possible to minimize the infiltration of terrorists, drug dealers, and illegal workers,”

“This issue of infiltration has become a total industry...The borders of the state cannot be porous and this is a threat on a national level,”

Excellent, right?

Yes – but unfortunately the speaker was the Prime Minister of Israel, visiting the country’s southern border today. Netanyahu: Egypt border fence will keep out terrorists, illegal migrants By Barak Ravid Haaretz.com 21/01/2010

Why do we not hear this kind of comment from America’s leaders? —and the GOP Establishment is no better that the Democrats.

Because Israel’s leaders care about their country and its people. As James Fulford reported Netanyahu saying earlier this month

This is a strategic decision to ensure the Jewish and democratic character of the state of Israel.
Sauce for the gander!


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