Obama is Making His Move in His First Term
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Patriots need to expect the worst in a hurry, so that they can prepare. The “stimulus plan” is a Trojan Horse for the massive dispossession of white Americans, who will be saddled with the tab. And with the help of ACORN, the MSM, and the Democratic Congress, and the submission of the LDP (Living Dead Party), “Obama” plans on awarding deadbeat blacks and Hispanics who have defaulted on their mortgage payments “free” homes, at the expense of white Americans. (It is not yet clear what he has planned for Asians. If precedent is any indication, as detailed in Ed Rubenstein’s brilliant new NPI report, “The Cost of Diversity,” Asians will take an even bigger hit than whites. “Obama’s” father, whose dreams are his dreams, harbored as intense a racist hatred for Asians as he did for whites. Due to the Left’s campaign in recent years to politically re-define Asians as “persons of color,” I suspect that Asian elites, who are hostile towards their own alleged constituents, will enjoy status as “persons of color,” while ordinary Asians will continue paying through the nose, and being assaulted, robbed, and murdered by blacks.)

Obama has no conception of wealth creation. Recall that in America’s Half-Blood Prince, Steve Sailer points out that the word “power” or some variation thereon appears 82 times in Dreams of My Father. “Obama's” economically illiterate father’s dream of stealing all of the wealth of enemy races (whites and Asians), and giving it to his own race, is his dream, too. (Present circumstances have forced the son to share with Hispanics.) “Obama” revealed his goal of redistributing wealth both in a 2001 NPR interview, and in his notorious campaign exchange with “Joe the Plumber.”

“Obama” cannot tolerate even the appearance of anything less than lockstep devotion; look at how annoyed he got, recently, when he joined some journalists, and one dared ask him an actual question. He has never given up on his dream of a civilian national security corps “as powerful and well-funded as the U.S. military.” A gauleiter on every block. And his denials notwithstanding, his pathetic attacks on Rush Limbaugh signal that he is moving to reinstate a stealth version of the Fairness Doctrine, through the Rev. Jeremiah Wright's ACORN-style dodge of “localism.”

In order to guarantee his re-election, “Obama” is moving to politically corrupt the census, and I believe he will move ASAP for a mass amnesty, in order to create sufficient new Democratic votes, even without massive Democratic voter fraud, and even in the face of a strong LDP candidate. Look for a massive humanitarian airlift and express naturalization, as well, of black Africans. (Refugee organizations stand at the ready.) “Obama” looks to return blacks to their role as the numerically dominant racial minority. It’s a black thing.

In his February 18 speech, “Obama’s” black attorney general, Eric Holder, declared war on white Americans. Holder has made clear from the outset his contempt for whites’ legal rights. And whites were already being persecuted and imprisoned for exercising their First Amendment rights under white AGs who had made no such declarations of race war.

A non-white immigrant warned me about a year ago that if Obama were elected, racially motivated black crime would dwarf anything previously seen. A lot of black folks may, with justification, see in Holder’s speech a green light.

Holder must be forced to resign. Why focus on Holder? Because “Obama” must suffer the political equivalent of a bloody nose, in order to stop his momentum, and forcing the Usurper-in-Chief himself out of office is not an option. As the philosopher Mike Tyson once said, “Everyone has a plan, until they get hit.” “Obama” hasn’t been “hit” since his failed, 2000 congressional primary challenge to Black Panther incumbent Bobby Rush. But the hit has to be indirect. A movement to force “Obama” to “let” Holder resign looks like the best chance at starting some bleeding. (Once upon a time, a conservative magazine existed, named National Review, which would have led the charge.) The movement will have to be one of the grassroots, rather than of Rovian “astroturfing.”

If “Obama” doesn’t suffer a setback now, he will be able to consolidate power, and make himself invulnerable later. In other words, there is no later.


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