Obama Immigration "Policy Group": Bad
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Despite Barack Obama’s elegant ”One President at a time” noise, has there ever been an Administration so brutally de-legitimized as GW’s, with this torrent of news stories about the upcoming Obama Cabinet?

And there definitely has not been as delicate a transition, from an business point of view, since Roosevelt succeeded Hoover.

Like Campaign Financing, statements and deeds in the Obama world diverge. Maybe this will be a pattern. Do they understand what they are doing? This could be fun.

The insolently-named website Change.Gov The Office of the President-Elect” tells us that the Obamanistas have formed a ”Policy Working Group” on Immigration. The two men named are T. Alexander Aleinikoff, Dean of Georgetown University Law Center and Mariano-Florentino Cuellar of Stanford Law School. The inference from the name-order protocol is that Aleinikoff is the chief. Cuellar, a young man, is obviously the token Hispanic.

VDARE.com-minded questioners might ask: in the face of such nation-changing forces, would naming a representative of the historic nation not have been appropriate?

Who is T. Alexander Aleinikoff? When I googled him this evening I saw less than 12,000 results. An extensive writer on immigration issues, he is a fine example of academics talking only to other academics.

But thanks to the beauty of the Internet, what he thinks is available. In a Carnegie Endowment Event in 1997 Aleinikoff was reported thus:

Mr. Aleinikoff asserted that values such as liberty, democracy, and equal opportunity are political values most immigrants already hold. …There is no broad consensus to support a particular concept of what "Americanization" might mean. Mr. Aleinikoff also voiced concern about the choice of the term ”Americanization." Simply by using it, the Commission implicitly says that disunity is a problem caused by immigrants which will be solved once they are Americanized.”

This is of course utter rubbish. ”Liberty, democracy and equal opportunity” are qualities exceptionally rare in history and in non Anglo-Saxon societies. Furthermore this sounds suspiciously like the delusion of other immigrant academics - that America did not exist before their own pal’s ancestors arrived.

Of course, that comment was 11 years ago. Perhaps Dean Aleinikoff has changed his mind. Ask him

Once more, unto the breach

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