Obama as the Rovian 51% candidate
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David Axelrod has built Barack Obama's campaign around the old 1968 Nixon slogan of "Bring Us Together," rhetorically running against Karl Rove's central idea that you only need 51 percent to win.

The funny thing is, of course, that Obama will likely wind up winning with just 51% over Hillary Clinton. In Presidential primary campaigns, the leader normally pulls away due to the bandwagon effect, but Obama has been content to eke out the narrowest victory in recent primary history. He hasn't done a thing to reach out substantively to white voters worried about his long track record as a racial activist.

Obama tried to lie and bloviate his way out of his first Rev. Wright jam, so Wright went on his little media tour to set the record straight, finally getting Obama to defriend him by saying Obama's "a politician." Moreover, Obama has refused to compromise on any race-related issue. So, he's stuck at 51%.

But, guess what? Karl Rove was right. You only need 51%.

And Axelrod/Obama know it's really not hard to get 51% with these opponents. It's not like Germany in 1914, where they've got to beat France and Russia (plus any of their friends who tag along). Obama isn't running against FDR and Reagan, he's running against a proven screw-up in HillaryCare and the elderly Arizona Jones.

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