Obama Apparatchiks Deny Total Amnesty Is in the Cards
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The DHS has denied any intention of the executive branch to grant a unilateral ”blanket” amnesty for millions of lawbreaking aliens, thereby circumventing Congress.

However, if you read the fine print closely, weaselly lawyer talk appears. ”Blanket” the adjective means sweeping, all-inclusive but what is being considered behind closed doors may be a semi-comprehensive amnesty for visa overstayers, and that number could easier run to five million or more. (See my earlier blog, Nation of Laws, or Nation of Amnesty for Invading Foreigners? for details.)

The Fox reporter understands as much in the article below.

Homeland Security Denies Interest in Blanket Amnesty for Illegals, Fox News, June 25, 2010

The Department of Homeland Security on Friday denied any plans to grant blanket amnesty to the ”entire illegal immigrant population,” following claims from senators and others that the Obama administration has been holding behind-the-scenes talks to craft a gameplan for mass legalization.

The concern is that DHS, in a bid to bypass Congress, would extend what is known as deferred action or parole – actions usually taken on a case-by-case basis – to millions of illegal immigrants at once.

The department statement, however, did not address the possibility of giving a selective reprieve to the segment of the population holding expired visas – as opposed to those who crossed illegally. This is something that a former Bush administration official told FoxNews.com could be an option.

Anyway, keep those calls, faxes and emails coming to White House and Congress, because the Obama’s henchmen may be measuring voter passion against amnesty.

Below, lucky foreigners get free rides home on ICE Air, the one-way airline, thanks to the American taxpayer.

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