Obama And Indonesian Racism
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Steve Sailer has a post on his blog  called Obama's Afrocentrism is his mother's passive-aggressive revenge on her Indonesian second husband.

It includes this vignette from Obama's past

In the meantime, in his easygoing way, Lolo helped little Barack adjust to Indonesian culture, teaching him how to ignore beggars, how to change a flat tire, and how to fight with his fists. The last was necessary because, as Chicago Tribune reporters who interviewed his schoolmates discovered, Obama was routinely subjected to racist violence by Indonesian lads: "All say he was teased more than any other kid in the neighborhood—primarily because he was so different in appearance." He was frequently attacked by three Indonesian kids at once, and one time they threw him in a swamp. "Luckily he could swim."

(Obama doesn't mention in his voluminous autobiography the racism of Indonesians toward him, although he recounts in microscopic detail every hint of white racism he believes he has endured in America, such as the palimpsest of the N-word that he claims to have discerned under coats of paint in a men's room stall at that hotbed of racism, Columbia University. He left out getting beaten up by Indonesians for being black presumably because Asian anti-black racism just doesn't fit into his black-white worldview. That's a little too nuanced for Senator Nuance.)
It's amazing when you consider that growing up in Hawaii, and attending Columbia and Harvard, Obama seems to have been never victimized by whites who hated blacks.  Compare that to his actual experiences in Indonesia, and you get a sense of how hard he must have worked to develop his anti-white worldview.
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