Obama Admin: "C'Mon Up, Undocumented Breeders!"
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From the New York Times:

Wave of Minors on Their Own Rush to Cross Southwest Border By FRANCES ROBLES JUNE 4, 2014

SAN PEDRO SULA, Honduras — After a decade apart, 13-year-old Robin Tulio was finally heading to the border to be with his mother. A maid, living illegally in Baltimore, she had decided the time was right to smuggle her son into the United States.

Like so many others across Central America, Robin said his mother believed that the Obama administration had quietly changed its policy regarding unaccompanied minors and that if he made it across, he would have a better shot at staying.

She hired a smuggler, but Robin didn’t make it.

“It’s too hard,” he said after being caught in Mexico recently and sent home to Honduras. But his aborted journey helps explain why there has been a rush of migration of unaccompanied minors so severe that the United Nations declared it a humanitarian crisis akin to refugees’ fleeing war. …

Since Oct. 1, a record 47,017 unaccompanied children have been apprehended at the southwest United States border, most traveling from Central America, part of a larger wave that includes some youngsters accompanied by their parents and some traveling alone. ..

Many say they are going because they believe that the United States treats migrant children traveling alone and women with their children more leniently than adult illegal immigrants with no children. …

But even as the government moves to confront the situation, children, parents, immigration officials, lawyers and activists interviewed say that there has been a subtle shift in the way the United States treats minors.

That perception has inspired parents who have not seen their children for years to hire so-called coyotes, guides often associated with organized crime, to bring them north. It has prompted other parents to make the trip with toddlers in tow, something rarely seen before in the region.

“If you make it, they take you to a shelter and take care of you and let you have permission to stay,” Robin said after he stepped off a bus on a Thursday night with eight others caught on their way north. “When you appeal your case, if you say you want to study, they support you.”

“The passage is easier with the kids, and this way we’re not dumping them with relatives,” said Arelys Sánchez, who was traveling with two young daughters. “I think with them, it’s easier for them to let you stay.”

While the Obama administration has moved aggressively to deport adults, it has in fact expelled far fewer children than in the past. Largely because of a 2008 federal law aimed at protecting trafficked children, the administration in 2013 deported one-fifth the number of Central American children as were expelled in 2008, according to federal government statistics.

Ana Solorzano, an immigration official who tends to deportees in El Salvador, said that as the number of deportees flown by air to El Salvador from the United States started to drop, the number of people returned by land from Mexico started to rise. Of the 325 Salvadoran children who were deported last year, only 22 came from the United States, she said.

“They have not publicly recognized a change in public policy, but we see it,” Ms. Solorzano said.

Central Americans, she said, were left with the sense that the United States had “opened its doors” to women and children.

I clipped out the various Obama Administration denials because the facts on the ground have to be pretty atrocious for the partly Carlos Slim-owned NYT to write anything about immigration that isn’t part of an Obama Administration talking points campaign.

I know getting lots of women and children sound all very nice, but the lowest impact illegal aliens tend to be men over 25. They’re too old to join a street gang so they don’t commit much crime. In contrast, a 13-year-old boy newly arrived is in the prime age to be recruited by a gang.

Kids cost a lot in schooling.

Women are of course the breeding bottleneck. Canada has an amazingly in-your-face guest worker program for Mexican male stoop laborers with all sorts of harsh restrictions built in to keep the transients from impregnating anybody during their sojourns in Canada.

In contrast, Emilio A. Parrado’s research shows that the fertility of women newly arrived in the U.S. from South of the Border goes through the roof for their first decade or so in this country. After that, they start to figure out it’s really, really expensive to raise children American-style, but that means that periods of high immigration, as we appear to be heading back into after the Recent Economic Unpleasantness and with the looming possibility of an amnesty, see very high fertility among women arriving from Latin American.

Think of it this way: there are usually more male illegal immigrants in the U.S. than female ones. Many of the men always assumed they’d work in the U.S. for a few years, then go back home, where the women are. But if the Obama Administration is letting the women come to them, what’s their incentive to go home?

Obviously, the Administration’s incentive is to breed more Democratic voters.

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