NYT: Why Do Jihadist Terrorists Commit Terrorism? We May Never Know ...
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From the NYT:

Why Do Terrorists Commit Terrorism?

After reviewing hundreds of cases, I’ve found that there might be no way to pinpoint an attacker’s motive.


Peter Bergen is a vice president of New America, a professor at Arizona State University and CNN’s national security analyst. He is the author, most recently, of “United States of Jihad.”

WASHINGTON — AFTER a terrorist attack like the one in Florida on Sunday, one of the first questions people always ask is: Why? Why would someone take the lives of innocent civilians who are total strangers? That is a question to which I have long sought an answer. But my search has led me instead to another question: Is an answer even possible?

To try to figure out why terrorists do what they do, researchers at the think tank New America and I reviewed court records in more than 300 cases of people charged with jihadist terrorism in the United States since Sept. 11, 2001 …

Let me venture a wild guess: a common denominator reason for why jihadist terrorists committed terrorism was because they were jihadists.

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