NYT: "White Women Have Spent Centuries Stealing Black Women’s Genius, Labor, Babies, Bodies."
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Commenter Jack D calls our attention to this paragraph from the New York Times:

But the mischievous teasing at times turned serious, as blacks invoked a painful history of prominent white figures stealing the work of black artists and presenting it as their own. “I’m not surprised Melanie plagiarized from Michelle,” wrote Yasmin Yonis. “White women have spent centuries stealing black women’s genius, labor, babies, bodies.”
O … kay!

I guess Ms. Yonis does have a point about white women stealing black women’s babies:

Angelina Jolie Coming For Your Baby


August 17, 2005

MALIBU, CA—Angelina Jolie has filed for adoption of your newborn baby, sources close to the actress reported Tuesday. “Angelina loves your baby, and you should be honored that she has chosen it,” said publicist Jacqueline Silver, citing the growing collection of babies Jolie has culled from families worldwide. “Color, creed, whether your child is wanted—none of it matters. Angelina has fallen in love, and through legal means or force, your baby will soon be hers.” Immediately after acquiring your child, Jolie will dress it in Betsey Johnson infant wear, give it a faux-hawk, name it after a random passage from the The Tibetan Book Of The Dead, then resume her relentless search for babies.

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