NYT Reports On Leftist Billionaire's Attempt To Impeach Trump, But Won’t Even Ask What Trump Is Supposed To Have Done
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The New York Times tells us about the the effort of leftist billionaire and environut Tom Steyer to push Democrats into impeaching President Trump. [A Billionaire Keeps Pushing to Impeach Trump. Democrats Are Rattled, By Alexander Burns, January  23, 2018]

And the Times explains that even leftist Democrats who support Steyer think it's a stupid idea — without, of course, calling it stupid.

Problem is, the Times apparently never asked Steyer to explain, nor does the staff writer attempt to explain for him, what Trump has done that might warrant impeachment. Treason? Bribery? High crimes and misdemeanors? What of anything Trump has done might fit those categories? The reader is left hanging.

That can only mean one of three things. First, again, that the Times didn't ask; second, that neither Steyer nor the Times can think of any; or third, the Smart Set, which would include a significant majority of the Times readers, simply assume that of course Trump's actions are impeachable, but it's politically impossible to try and convict him, so there's no point in trying to explain.







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