NYT Frontlash—No Backlash Over Muslim Terror In Barcelona (Not to Mention Finland) Concentrate On Hating Charlottesville Whites!
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An NYT editorial on how ho-hum the latest jihadi massacre of 13, including one American, in Barcelona should appear to you if you are a good-thinker:

After the Terror in Barcelona


There are always many questions after a terrorist attack, some never to be answered.

Ho hum.
… But the hard truth is that there is no sure defense against young men filled with resentment and fired up with the lethal propaganda of militant Islam, especially as they turn to rudimentary weapons like the vehicles in Barcelona and Cambrils, or before that in Nice; the Christmas market in Berlin; Westminster Bridge in London; or Drottninggatan, a major pedestrian street in Stockholm. There are questions but there are no longer so many mysteries. … So we know there will be more attacks …
But whaddaya whaddaya … Can we get back to hyperventilating over Charlottesville, please?
The real questions that remain are about ourselves — how we who live in societies that celebrate tolerance and freedom, and that guarantee civil rights and the rights of minorities, should react to acts whose very purpose is to make us turn against these rights and freedoms.
We who have relentlessly backed Muslim immigration aren’t the bad guys, we are the real victims because Muslims immigrants are making us look bad.
This is at the heart of the fierce debates over security in Europe and the United States:… Should we arm governments with extraordinary powers to surveil, investigate and block immigrants? Should we accept an element of threat as the price for our freedoms?
The important thing is to frontlash!

Similarly, the murder of two Finns by a Moroccan (who?) is too boring to think about.

Back to 24/7 Charlottesville!

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