NYT: European Rescues of Invaders Just Encourage More Invaders
June 16, 2017, 06:48 AM
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From the New York Times:
Efforts to Rescue Migrants Caused Deadly, Unexpected Consequences


Strategies to rescue migrants in the Mediterranean Sea and disrupt smuggling networks have had deadly, unexpected consequences, according to aid groups monitoring the crisis. …

Before 2014, rescues took place closer to Italy, with migrant boats traveling as far as Italian waters. By 2014, many rescues were occurring farther south in the Mediterranean.

By 2015, rescues reached even closer to the Libyan side of the Mediterranean Sea.

More recently, rescues were taking place closer to Libyan territorial waters.

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Rescuing migrants closer to the Libyan coast saved hundreds of people at sea. But critics said it introduced a deadly incentive for more migrants to risk the journey and for smugglers to launch more boats.

“Migrants and refugees – encouraged by the stories of those who had successfully made it in the past – attempt the dangerous crossing since they are aware of and rely on humanitarian assistance to reach the E.U.,” said a risk analysis by Frontex, the European Union border and coast guard agency.

Smugglers use flimsy boats and provide just enough fuel to reach the edge of Libyan waters. Drivers can remove the engine and head back to Libya on another boat, leaving the migrants adrift until help arrives.

It’s almost as if Europe could use a continent-wide political organization — it could be called, I don’t know, say, the European Union — and a continent-wide military alliance — maybe it could known as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization — to organize the defense of Europe from this invasion.

But, of course, in the real world, there are no such things as the EU and NATO. So, Europe is completely defenseless against the mighty Chadian invaders and their advanced technology:

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