NYT: Defunct White Southerners to Blame for Why Stuyvesant HS Is So Asian
June 25, 2018, 03:55 PM
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https://www.unzcloud.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Screenshot-2018-06-25-11.31.27.pngFrom an NYT Editorial egging on the incipient Late de Blasio Age Collapse:

It’s Time to Integrate New York’s Best Schools

By The Editorial Board

Across the country, local efforts are at last underway to integrate schools that remain profoundly segregated more than half a century after the Supreme Court’s ruling in Brown v. Board of Education. Nowhere is that work more important than New York City, where the school system is not only the nation’s largest but also its most segregated.

After largely ignoring this reality for four years, Mayor Bill de Blasio has now taken an important step: He has put forward a plan to integrate eight of the city’s specialized high schools, storied institutions like Stuyvesant, Bronx Science and Brooklyn Tech. These schools have, for generations, set those lucky enough to attend on paths to success, to middle-class security, to rewarding careers and even to Nobel Prizes.

These schools have a vital mission, to challenge the city’s sharpest young minds. But they are failing in that endeavor, because they all but shut out black and Latino students, leaving untold numbers of New York’s brightest children behind.

Black and Latino students make up nearly two-thirds of the city’s 1.1 million school children. Yet, of the 5,067 offers of admission to specialized schools this year, 51.7 percent went to Asian students and 26.5 percent to white students. Latino and black students received 6.3 and 4.1 percent of the offers, respectively. At Stuyvesant, the most sought-after of the schools, just 10 of the 902 students offered admission were black.

Mayor de Blasio is term-limited to 8 years, so his administration is starting to take on the trajectory of the similarly term-limited Obama Administration. During his first term, facing re-election, de Blasio appointed the hard-nosed law enforcement superstar Bill Bratton as head of the police. When the Ferguson Effect looked like it was heading for NYC after Eric Garner’s death and the subsequent BLM terrorist assassination of two NYPD officers, De Blasio eventually capitulated to Bratton.

But now, with nothing to lose in re-election, de Blasio can indulge his ideological / racial whims, just like Obama did during his second term, which got Donald Trump elected.

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