NY Muslim cleric to help return Christmas to City Schools?
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All VDARE.com readers will no doubt be pleased that:
About 3,000 Muslims gathered Friday for a first-ever prayer service in the shadow of the U.S. Capitol…
Thousands of Muslims rally, pray at Capitol, by Julia Duin,  The Washington Times, September 26, 2009

They will definitely appreciate the intellectual honesty of the Service organizer Imam Abdul Malik of Brooklyn

"What we've done today, you couldn't do in any Muslim country," said Imam Abdul Malik, 42, of Brooklyn, N.Y., the rally organizer who made a 40-minute address to the crowd. "If you prayed on the palace lawn there, they'd lock you up."
This is presumably the same Imam Abdul Malik referred to in Oh, Yes, He Did! by Maryam Ismail The Khaleej Times Nov 9 2008
I know one person is very happy. Brooklyn’s Imam Abdul Malik [email him] who said, two years ago, ”It’s time to paint the White House Black. InshaAllah.”
The Washington Times further reports
Dar-ul-Islam, a mosque in Elizabeth, N.J....set up a Web site, islamoncapitolhill.com, stating "Our Time Has Come."
(VDARE.com: website here.)

Does this enthusiasm for American tolerance mean that New Yorker Imam Abdul Malik will now support the reversal of the Supreme Court’s approval, two years ago of NY School Chancellor Joel Klein 's brutal demotion of Christianity to inferior status?

…the Dept. of Ed’s policy…permits ”holiday” display of Menorahs and Moslem moons and stars while forbidding Christian nativity scenes or cr?¨ches of any sort… So now promoting pluralism through multicultural holiday displays is a valid excuse for banishing the symbols of the nation’s founding, traditional and still majority faith, Christianity, while featuring those of a minority faith, Judaism, and an upstart religion in America, Islam. NYC’s Dept. of Ed, America’s largest school district, is clearly engaged in multicultural propaganda and programming...

the Dept. of Ed’s anti-Christianity policy will now become an acceptable standard for any school district that wants to drive any mention of the Christian faith out of its schools

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