NY 9th GOP Campaign Scorns Representing Voters - Like National Party
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Homosexual Rights, and “Gay Marriage” in particular, are not at all VDARE.com issues. But systematic refusal by the Republican leadership to take up issues which concern their supporters and potential supporters (such as excessive immigration) very definitely is.

New York State legalized Gay Marriage early this year in a narrow vote. The Democratic candidate in the NY 9th District race this week, David Weprin, a NY Assemblyman, voted for legalization. His victorious GOP opponent is on record being as against it.

Unfortunately for Mr. Weprin, although the 9th is heavily Jewish, it is heavily Orthodox Jewish, a community lead by Rabbis deeply hostile to such things as Gay Marriage.

There is a great deal of anecdotal evidence that his stance on the issue cost Welprin heavily, as detailed yesterday in Gay-Marriage Foes See Message in House Race By Thomas Kaplan The New York Times September 16, 2011

So what was the response of the bold and enterprising GOP Campaign - struggling to pull off the first victory in this overwhelmingly Democratic district since 1920 - when confronted with what Congressman Mo Brooks might well call a “surefire” vote winner?


"A Turner spokesman agreed that the issue was not a determining factor.
“We worked hard not to make it an issue in the race,” the spokesman, William O’Reilly, said."

(VDARE.com emphasis.)

Why does the GOP Establishment despise their supporters so much they will not represent them?

Why do GOP-inclined voters put up with them?


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