Nuked by Free Republic? VDARE.COM Congratulates HE!D! says
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Last Saturday, we blogged about the outrageous call by Mexico's Foreign Secretary for the prosecution of the Minuteman group. The interview was first spotted by the new blog He!D! says, which is run by a rambunctious young Texan woman. She is apparently a newcomer to the immigration controversy.

This week, He!D! found Free Republic. On Tuesday she happily reported she would not be posting, being busy in controversy there.

On Wednesday, she was blocked from the site. As she reports on the ALIPAC thread The Battle of Free Republic Echo!

"Well, y'all... it took less than 24 hours and I've been banned from FR, from a thread that was discussing FR's supposed bias, ironically enough. You all warned me beforehand, and so I was expecting it, but it still kinda surprised me that it was SO PREDICTABLE! I mean, it's a sorry state of affairs if your own scandal becomes cliché…Jim just summarily yanked every single one of my posts (about a dozen) a 1/2 day after they had been posted."

To which a veteran ALIPAC hand replied:

"WELL DONE! Laughing

"You were not banned. Banning means you just can't post anymore. The proper term is 'Nuked'. To Nuke a poster is to remove every trace that the poster ever existed.

"Getting nuked in less than a day is a real accomplishment. Not many have excelled to the level you have achieved. If I remember correctly, it took William 2 or 3 days to get nuked. You are in good company."

"William" of course William Gheen of Americans for Legal Immigration, who outed Free Republic in February. His site has a library of FR atrocities.

My suspicion about Free Republic's Jim Robinson remains unchanged.

And now HE!D! says knows what is always the first argument favored by the Treason Lobbyrepression

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