NRO's Jay Nordlinger: Patriotic Immigration Reformers "From The Fever Swamps."
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The Federale blog is easily one of the most substantive on the Patriotic side of the immigration blogosphere, providing professional explications of the Federal regulations and their enforcement—or non-enforcement as Federale laid out to readers last year.

In a recent post More Asylum Fraud Wednesday March 9 2011 Federale dissects a recent asylum sob story, the Marisol Valles Garcia case, very reasonably concluding:

...asylum is just another method of immigration, fueled by spineless bureaucrats, power hungry federal judges, and the immigration bar. None of the expansions of asylum were authorized by Congress, except for the fake domestic violence victims, but even there, Congress never stated that fake victims could get status with no evidence, or even sponsor their supposed attackers on their petitions for residency.

Of course, the fraud is encouraged by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, who actively discourage their officers from finding fraud.

Fulfilling his function of being the only contributor to NRO worth anything, John Derbyshire favorably noticed the post in A Proper Candidate for Asylum? March 10,2011
I have never heard that being brave, or even being very, very brave, is a qualification for asylum in the U.S.A., unless the bravery is connected to political or religious oppression.
Derbyshire hit pay dirt in a way which probably surprised and embarrassed him (maybe just embarrassed): colleague Jay Nordlinger threw an extremely revealing tantrum. First he posted a gush of emotion:
she strikes me as the kind of person who would be an asset to American society
and then when Derbyshire crushingly refuted him in a magnificent post Contra Anthropomorphization NRO March 10, 2011
I want my friends to be trusting, generous, kind, and flexible. I don’t want my government to be any of those things...
Nor do I want my government to be generous. Since a government has no money, other than what it can harvest in taxation from its citizens, its generosity must always consist of generosity with my money (and yours, and his)
simply got nasty:
I would much rather be the fellow citizen of Marisol Valles Garcia than that of that ghastly blogger you admiringly linked to.
Later Nordlinger harrumphed that his sentiments
violate no tenet of conservatism, I can say with confidence (as a senior editor of National Review). (For the fever swamps, I can't speak, and don't want to.)
Welcome the National Review Big Tent! If you are concerned about the immigration situation, and have the knowledge to lay out enforcement derelictions in a reasonable - even somewhat wonkish - way, you are ghastly and from the fever swamps. Jay Nordlinger doesn't want to know you.

No wonder this pathetic wreck of a publication is so worthless. John Derbyshire deserves a better outlet.

It has long been obvious that Nordlinger is a fool (demonstrated in his recent MLK Day essay) and an appalling sycophant (see the second section of this Larry Auster piece starting at the comment by "Jack S.")). Now we have to add pomposity to the list.

But even so, his hostility to a perfectly civilized site like Federale is weird. Could it be because so frequently links?

Tell Jay Nordlinger to improve his manners.

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