NRO's Illegal Alien Hearts Eric Holder
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Kevin D. Williamson, the resident illegal alien at NRO, who is not teh ghey despite that San Francisco look about him, has adopted the Eric Holder view of radical Islam, the Taliban and its off-shoots, Al-Qaeda, Islamic Jihad, Crimson Jihad, CAIR, Big Mo himself, and whatever other Islamist supremacist you care to name. He has decided that Islam is all about the Benjamins, not a tyrannical Satanic religion bent on world conquest. He disagrees with Mohammed himself, and thinks Eric "My People" Holder has the correct 9/10 view of jihad. It is a law enforcement problem.

NRO February 21, 2012

The Taliban’s Mob Rules

The Taliban is a Mafia-like crime syndicate, not a religious movement.

Reports from Monday’s New York Times of the Pakistani Taliban (Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan) stepping up its ransom-kidnapping campaign are a reminder of one of the reasons we have failed to achieve our objectives in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and will continue to do so: Most of us believe that we are at war with a paramilitary outfit mainly inspired by a fundamentalist Deobandi interpretation of Islam. We are in fact engaged with a very different kind of entity: an organized-crime syndicate acting out of interests that are largely economic, rather than religious or ideological.

There are, to be sure, terrorist and paramilitary organizations inspired by a sincere commitment to Islam. Al-Qaeda is one. The senior leadership of the Taliban, on the other hand, bears at least as much resemblance to the old Sicilian Mafia — or to the present-day FARC, another misunderstood organization — as it does to martyrdom-minded jihadists in the mold of Osama bin Laden.

Well, perhaps the historically illiterate illegal alien booster should have performed some research. Mohammed himself was a thief, robbing caravans early in his career, which became a Muslim specialty, just ask the Barbary Pirates. We dealt with them before. But they conquered a large part of the Christian world. They didn't just do it for the booty. They did it because they were motivated by their Satanic cult. The Thuggees were thieves and assassins with a veneer of religion. Islam is like Communism. They are thieves, yes. But they are demonstrably more. Just ask Stalin, who dabbled in bank robbery, but he was so much more, the Butcher of the 20th Century. Just ask the Viet Cong. They stole, they robbed, they kidnapped. But they had much more motivation than a few piasters. They too, were motivated by Satanic influence. A war on God, His Holy Church, and His natural and revealed law.

I wonder what Andy McCarthy will have to say about this revisionism of Islam?

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