NRO Cave-in Suspected
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Gerald Martin writes from Dallas, Texas:

If you haven't already, please go to and read their editorial, No Left Turn. Despite its title, and despite language against open borders, it appears to me a rather poorly disguised surrender to McCain/Kennedy and Bush. The gist of it: "Please, sir, if you will only secure the border and fine a few employers we will be happy to oblige you - eventually - on amnesty and we hope you won't demand guest workers 'cause we're now OK with increasing legal immigration." I got a sick feeling reading it because until today NR had been staunchly against the President on immigration. But No Left Turn looks like a white flag, signifying NR's final abandonment of any residual opposition it may have had to the transformation of the United States into a Third World country. I hope VDARE will analyze or at least mention this sad cave-in. We need to know who is on our side, and who has given up the fight.

Actually, the whole point of the NRO Editorial is that while it makes some noises on the subject of amnesty, illegals, and enforcement, it seems to present a complete surrender on the idea of restricting legal immigration.

The wisest course for Republicans would be to say something like the following: “Immigration has made this country better. Immigration can continue to work for America if we make sure that it proceeds in an orderly, manageable, and rational way. We will enforce our laws at the border and the workplace. Once we have brought illegal immigration under control, we will consider increasing legal immigration levels and granting an amnesty to some illegal immigrants who are already here. Whatever we decide, we will at all times treat illegal immigrants humanely.”

The point of Peter Brimelow's 1992 article,Time to Rethink Immigration?, was that America was being tranformed by immigration, not illegal immigration.

Would Maywood, California be a better place to live if everyone in it was legal? How about South Gate?

The transformation of America is the problem. And that's the issue National Review has surrendered on.

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