NPR Hates Whites With A Hot Hate—Time To Defund It!
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On the Media, an NPR-carried media criticism program, is a fine example of why the right—and recently, President Trump—have sought de-funding of public media.

The "criticism" of the media is exclusively from the left, and I mean, like, antifa left, not Nat Hentoff left. One 2016 episode  had host Bob Garfield offering a weirdly over-long "trigger warning" before his interview with Jared Taylor.

The other day, I listened as guest host Lois Beckett [Tweet her] of the left-leaning Guardian, spent the entire hour in point-and-splutter mode, her voice rising in pitch with indignation over the very existence of Richard Spencer.[Face the Racist Nation, March 2, 2018]

She grilled one journalist who wrote about Spencer on why he didn't interview a set number of Jews and People of Color for his story. The journalist, to his credit, pushed back a little, noting that it was a story about Spencer, not the reaction to him of everyone on Earth.

Every "expert" she interviewed seemed further and further left, until she came to one Ibram X. Kendi (birth name Ibram Rogers) a man whose work feeds the white left's deep need for self-flagellation by telling them that even the abolitionists were awful racists. Which may well be true, in the sense that whites of all political stripes have for most of history not believed in actual racial equality.

Nowhere in Beckett's show did she entertain the idea that races might in fact differ, of course.

My thought: either we defund NPR yesterday, or—if its supporters are right that federal funding is such a tiny percentage of its budget—get a second NPR. Call it "NPR Traditional." It would defend the interests of whites, Christians, rural folks and anyone else slated for elimination by current NPR.


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