NPR CEO Titania Maher: Hates White People, Loves Riots
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The new CEO of National Public Radio is a slender blonde named Katherine Maher. Her twitter timeline over the years sounds like Titania McGrath’s, but she’s real.

Airline business class demographics are such a pet peeve of mine. In the lounge and on the plane, usually > 80% male, usually white. 8:28 AM · Oct 14, 2016

For example, here she was on May 26, 2020: she was all worked up condemning the Central Park Karen. That was the Story of the Century that day because they hadn’t heard about George Floyd yet.

It’s almost as if America’s Establishment was just looking for a reason, any reason, to go nuts in late May 2020.

Four days later, she wants to know why CNN is bothering to report on the Mostly Peaceful Pogrom of looting and arson on Fairfax and Melrose in West Hollywood:

“Cheesecakes are insured” refers to all the Jewish delis on Fairfax that were smashed up by Black Lives Matter rioters during this night of broken glass. Here’s a local news station’s report:

And here’s how the New York Times reports on this amusing controversy: by making it sound as boring as possible. Rather than mentioning her unintentionally self-parodic tweets, it claims the controversy is over her saying the same thing as the NYT said a thousand times: “Donald Trump is a racist” and one other tweet in support of Kamala Harris:

NPR C.E.O. Faces Criticism Over Tweets Supporting Progressive Causes

Katherine Maher, who took over the public network last month, posted years ago on Twitter that “Donald Trump is a racist.”

By Benjamin Mullin
April 15, 2024

Katherine Maher, the chief executive of NPR, is facing online criticism for years-old social media posts criticizing former President Donald J. Trump and embracing liberal causes.

The posts, published on the social media platform Twitter, which is now called X, were written before she was named chief executive of NPR in January. They resurfaced this week after an essay by an NPR staff member who argued that the broadcaster’s leaders had allowed liberal bias to taint its coverage.

“Also, Donald Trump is a racist,” read one of Ms. Maher’s posts in 2018, which has since been deleted. Another post, from November 2020, shows Ms. Maher wearing a hat with the logo for the Biden presidential campaign.

“Had a dream where Kamala and I were on a road trip in an unspecified location, sampling and comparing nuts and baklava from roadside stands,” Ms. Maher wrote, an apparent reference to Vice President Kamala Harris. “Woke up very hungry.”

Ms. Maher, who had not worked in the news industry before joining NPR, was the chief executive of the Wikimedia Foundation, a nonprofit that supports the popular online resource Wikipedia, when she wrote many of the posts that were now being criticized.

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