Notes On The Trans-Antifa Connection: They're Selling Baseball Bats, Axes, And Sledgehammers In Trans Colors
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Earlier by Steve Sailer: What Percentage of AntiFa Are Trans?

Steve Sailer has observed that trans people seem to be quite overrepresented in antifa groups, but that precise numbers on the subject don’t exist. [What Percentage of AntiFa Are Trans?, July 24, 2020]

While I’m not privy to any studies on the matter, there is a group that promotes both: The Degenderettes.

Its website describes the group as, “A friendly international genderqueer agitprop club*”—the asterisk at the end glibly linking to the WikiHow page, “How to Play Two Truths, One Lie.” In an undated interview with Mask magazine, one of its founders, “Scout,” said:

We’re a messy network of folks involved in gender stuff. Officially we’re an art collective, but that’s too broad. It’s easier to describe us by what we’re not: there are lots of beautiful feminist and LGBT 501(c)(3)s out there doing great work in gender activism, but there are certain activities they can’t touch because they don’t want to upset their funders, or jeopardize their legal status. (emphasis added) [Degenderettes, by Randon Rosenbohm]

The Degenderette website sells tons of pro-trans swag, including a wide variety of “pronoun patches” and “all gender restroom” stickers:



The Degenderettes must see a tie between their “gender queer” ideology and antifa, because they sell pro-antifa patches as well:



One of which comes in the trans tricolor:



For those who don’t know, the official trans colors, as shown on their flag, are blue, white, and pink—the two most “gendered” colors and the white to symbolize the transition between them:


In 2017, the San Francisco chapter of the Degenderettes hosted an art show literally called “Degenderettes Antifa Art Exhibition,” largely in response to Milo Yiannopoulos’s speaking event at the University of Berkeley the same year.

The Degenderettes also sell “baseball equipment.” The plethora of baseball bats they sell are all resplendently decorated, but in the promotional photos for them, no model has any other baseball gear, or even athletic clothing.

And if you scroll to the bottom of the “baseball equipment” page, you find, well:


The labrys is the double-headed ax of Greek Mythology, pictured above are American double-bitted axes and hatchets as used by lumberjacks.

Perhaps this “messy network of folks involved in gender stuff” knows more about baseball than I do, because I could swear that sledge hammers and axes had no role in the game.

Or maybe, as Steve Sailer suggested, there’s a lot of overlap between the rise of antifa and “World War T.”

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