Not So Feel-Good Immigration Story: Gunman ID'd as "Jiverly Voong"—Apparently Vietnamese
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The same Binghamton website mentioned below has this:

A federal law enforcement official who spoke on condition of anonymity told the Associated Press the shooter has been found dead in the building. The shooter has identification saying he was 42-year-old Jiverly Voong.[Binghamton shooting leaves a dozen dead April 3, 2009]

And via Atlas Shrugs, this from Refugee Resettlement Watch, explaining how weird foreigners get to small, upstate towns in New York:

Brookings: Refugees are spreading out from traditional ”gateway cities”


Posted by acorcoran on November 21, 2007


At the September forum in Hagerstown, MD someone asked representatives of the US State Dept. about an apparent policy to spread refugees out to small and middle-sized American cities and away from the traditional ”gateway cities.” We have heard, but cannot confirm, that this was a directive of the Clinton Administration. Early in the meeting the question was brushed aside, but later the State Dept. spokeswoman admitted that the social services in traditional immigrant receiving cities had become over-taxed.[More]


They found a table of the


"eleven top cities that had the largest refugee populations as a percentage of the foreign born in the city calculated from figures up to the year 2000. They are:


Utica-Rome, NY (See our earlier post on Utica here.)


Fargo-Moorhead, ND-MN


Erie, PA


Binghamton, NY


Spokane, WA


Portland, ME


Lincoln, NE


Waterloo-Cedar Falls, IA


Burlington, VT


Manchester, NH


Des Moines, IA


I’ll bet that none of these cities had any advance warning or opportunity to plan ahead for the rapid expansion of social services for the needy required of refugee resettlement sites.
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