(Not) Liveblogging The Republican Debate
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I'm at a computer with no TV, so I'm relying on other web commenters to see what's going it. So far I've learned that John Podhoretz really, really, doesn't like Alan Keyes. I assume that this not based on racial or religious prejudice, because JPod is such a paragon of non-bigotry.

OK, this is unimpressive—from the Atlantic's blog:

Marc Ambinder (December 12, 2007) - First Take: The Final Republican Debate The debate format was not given to exchanges, and the moderator peremptorily took immigration off the table. [Emphasis added.]The audience did not cheer, really, or validate, or boo. Romney and Huckabee were like two cultivars of fine Iowa maize.
The moderator took immigration off the table? Can he  she do that for the election, too?
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