Not Going To Convince Anyone Department: Bush Says McCain Is A Conservative
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McCain a 'True Conservative,' Bush Says

John McCain is a "true conservative," President Bush says, although the likely Republican presidential nominee may have to work harder to convince other conservatives that he is one of their own.

McCain "is very strong on national defense," Bush said in an interview taped for airing on "Fox News Sunday." "He is tough fiscally. He believes the tax cuts ought to be permanent. He is pro-life. His principles are sound and solid as far as I'm concerned."[More]

If John McCain thinks the tax cuts ought to be permanent, how come he voted against them twice? If McCain is pro-life, (one of those non-war related issues that he doesn't "care about") how come he passed the  McCain-Feingold bill, which is more or less targeted at the National Right To Life Committee?

And finally, if McCain is a conservative, why is George Bush endorsing him.

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