Not a White Hispanic: Google's Artists Conception Of Cesar Chavez
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The Google Guys aren't really into Easter, so for today's Google Doodle, they're celebrating the birthday of Cesar Chavez by putting up a picture of somebody or other. Apparently, Google doesn't have any photos of Cesar Chavez on file, so they had to go with an artist's conception of what Chavez must have looked like.
 Not a White Hispanic: Google Cesar Chavez
Artist's conception of Cesar Chavez
(Chavez's photo unavailable on Internet)
It's a funny illustration of how the union boss's birthday has transmogrified into a racial holiday. In reality, the California-born Chavez was a pretty typical-looking Mexican-American of his generation, as illustrated by how he looked rather like the Texas-born golfer Lee Trevino. 
Cesar Chavez
Lee Trevino

Over the decades, Mexicans in the U.S. have been getting more Indio-looking as the more recent immigration is from farther south in Mexico.

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