“Not a Prophet in His Own Land”—Paul Gottfried Speaks for Himself
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I am often surprised by how often I encounter dissident rightists who know little (or even nothing) about the movement's larger figures. Incredibly, I have even met a few people who believe the mischaracterizations and smears that come from the mainstream. In an attempt to rectify this, a few years ago I set out to interview a few of our more tight-lipped thinkers. Now I am happy to announce that Paul Gottfried, whom the mainstream has found much to say about in the last two years, has let me ask him a few questions about Donald Trump, his new notoriety, and the Left. Check it out here:

Not a Prophet in His Own Land, An Interview with Paul Gottfried

If you're curious about any other dissident figureheads, I have interviews with Gregory Hood, Sam Dickson, and F. Roger Devlin as well.

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