Norway Notices Diverse Crime Problem: Half Of Oslo Residents Say They Fear Immigrant Street Crime
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Are Norwegians waking up to the questionable blessings of diversity? Perhaps. According to a recent poll, half of Oslo residents now fear street crime, and the cause is apparently understood.

Another interesting statistic: one-third of inmates in Norwegian prisons are foreign born. Not all are Muslims however, since criminals of all stripes love open borders, such as those in the European Union: it’s so convenient to be able to skedaddle to a new country to avoid getting pinched.

Excessive immigration of inappropriate cultures reduces freedom for the receiving nation. Fear of street crime keeps people at home and out of the public square: it’s safer to watch TV from the couch rather than attend a lecture or hang out at a bar downtown.

Islamic immigration in particular worsens public safety for women and girls, given the incidence of Muslim rape gangs. As Norwegian author and human rights activist Hege Storhaug opined about the prospects for women in her country:

“There is no doubt that the freedom, the level of freedom I had as a young woman, young women in Norway will not have, and don’t have actually today and they will not have it in the future, as far as I can see. So the freedom for women in Europe is going backwards.”

“Girls in school, they are mocked by Muslim boys and they dye their hair black, yes. Blondes are dying their hair black, that is correct. And some of them also move to other parts of Oslo to be let alone.”

Will this Norwegian girl face a diminished future because of Muslim immigration in her nation?

The new conservative Prime Minister has promised a tougher approach to immigrant misbehavior. The crime problem is discussed only in terms of street robberies, without mention of the Muslim war against women, but this honesty about the perps is an improvement over earlier politically correct speak among authorities. Still, the idea that immigrant parents should provide more control over their little hooligans is nice to hear from a national leader.

Immigrant parents should control mugger kids: PM, The Local, Norway, November 19, 2013

Immigrant parents should take more responsibility for stopping the wave of street crime sweeping Oslo, Norway’s new prime minister has argued.

“It looks like young gang members are behind most of this,” Erna Solberg told Dagsavisen newspaper on Monday. “I think the call from local parents to mobilize immigrant parents is important. We have to crack down on this, and parents in the immigrant community must also play their part.”

Oslo saw 120 robberies in October, more than any other city in Scandinavia. There were just 78 robberies recorded in Copenhagen and only 63 in Stockholm.

Politicians from the country’s immigrant communities largely agreed that parents of young gang members, most of whom come from immigrant backgrounds, could do more.

“I think actually Erna’s hit the nail on the head here,” said Abid Raja from the Liberal Party. “It’s time to get past worries over making immigrant parents feel stigmatized. It is mainly young people from immigrant community who commit these robberies.”

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