Norway Is in Denial about Muslim Misogyny
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The excellent CBN report below is curiously misnamed “?Norway Tackles Muslim Immigration?.”

But there is precious little “tackling” going on. A handful of Norwegian women are speaking out about the danger to women’s rights and safety from Islamic culture, but they are condemned by the majority liberal society for saying unkind things about Muslims. Meanwhile blonde Norwegian women dye their hair black and travel in groups for safety.

One of the outspoken women interviewed by Dale Hurd is Hege Storhaug, about whom I blogged earlier this summer. She could probably be called a recovering liberal, given her contact with Muslim behavior which unravelled her faith in multiculturalism.

Once again, CBN leads the way among broadcasters for fearlessly telling the truth about Islam and the effects of hostile Muslims in Western societies. This brief piece is far superior to the recent special on honor killing on Fox which completely avoided the subject of Islamic misogyny.

We in America would be wise to observe carefully the failed European experience with Muslim immigration. As Dutch political leader Geert Wilders has said, “Islamism and democracy are incompatible. The more Islam we have, the more freedom we will lose.”

America needs to stop Muslim immigration before it’s too late.

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