Noose Nonsense
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Via Ohgizmo, I see that you can  buy a tie with a picture of a rope on it  (it's actually a picture of a rope, not a hangman's noose) that's meant to symbolize how many people feel about wearing a necktie.


Aha, I thought, won't that be...insensitive? Well, the first commenter on the Ogizmo post said:

Nooses should not be joked about at all, at least in the U.S. where we have a grave history of lynching that still effects [sic] us today.[Neck Noose Sums Up How A Lot Of People Feel About Neck Ties]

What is affecting us seems to be hysteria. The last actual lynching in the United States took place in the 1960s. Being lynched is more unlikely than being killed in a duel. People need to get a grip on themselves, and maybe get some "Insensitivity Training."


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