Non-Washingtonian Rape Suspect Fled To Mexico. (Duh!)
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Earlier this month, I sent the letter below to the local newspaper. It was published although the editor changed Immigration and Customs Enforcement to lower case letters. They are sort of clueless up here where I live. Today I picked up my copy of the biweekly paper and the headline on page A2 reads, "Child rape suspect likely fled to MexicoVicente Campos-Duenes." Too bad I don't work for the Sheriff's Department. Linda
To the Editor, Whidbey-News Times:

The article, "Rape suspect leaves trail of evidence" describes Vicente Campos-Duenes, the suspect, as "a Renton man." He is not from Renton although he may have lived there. He is from Mexico as his wallet, found at the scene, contained "a Mexico federal ID card."

These cards are usually held by Mexicans living in the U.S. illegally. They use them to get drivers' licenses, open bank accounts and obtain taxpayer ID's and employment. Mexicans legally in the country have green cards or U.S. visas or some other valid, U.S. ID showing the right to be in our country.

The Island County Sheriff might do well to contact Immigration and Customs Enforcement to prevent Campos-Duenes from fleeing to Mexico. Hopefully, that has already been done.

Linda Thom

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