Non-Profit Corporations, Non-Governmental Organizations, And Foreign Governments All Aiding The Invasion Of The U.S.
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The untold story of the ongoing invasion of the United States by illegal aliens is how it changed from an unorganized process to one dominated by drug cartels, and from theirs to an invasion being funded and organized by corporate organizations in the United States, so-called Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) internationally, all aided by the United States government, and providing massive profits to the drug cartels that control the border with Mexico and to whom every illegal alien must pay to cross the border.

Ostensibly Non-Profit Corporations (NPC) in the United States are supposed to be fulfilling some form of charity work in the United States or be religious organizations, with a tax-exempt status with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), but most have a political agenda, with open borders and all that entails, including lobbying Congress, as well as State and local governments.

Many though are just profit-making enterprises, rewarding the investors with high salaries or profit making corporations or companies serving as subcontractors for the larger NPCs. The largest involved in the mass smuggling of illegal aliens across the border are the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS), Jewish Family Services (JFSSD), Catholic Charities USA (CCUSA), the Salvation Army, the American Red Cross (ARC), and Lutheran Immigrant And Refugee Services, now rebranded Global Refuge, but there are numerous other smaller organizations with a variety of funding sources, most from the usual suspects, including local, State, and Federal government organizations.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton saw the problem and commenced action, starting with a smaller religious NPC, Annunciation House, that aids and encourages illegal entry by aliens.

International organizations include the International Committee of The Red Cross (ICRC), HIAS again, the International Organization for Migration (IOM), and others, including the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC).

However, illegal lobbying and six-figure pay for executives and other employees are not the only crimes committed by NPCs in the United States. These organizations and others are actually involved in a massive criminal conspiracy as they aid and abet illegal aliens to enter into and remain in the United States.

Mark Hetfield, HIAS Alien Smuggler

This is a violation of Title 8 United States Code (USC) Section 1324, Bringing In and Harboring Certain Aliens.

Title 8, U.S.C. § 1324(a) defines several distinct offenses related to aliens. Subsection 1324(a)(1)(i)-(v) prohibits alien smuggling, domestic transportation of unauthorized aliens, concealing or harboring unauthorized aliens, encouraging or inducing unauthorized aliens to enter the United States, and engaging in a conspiracy or aiding and abetting any of the preceding acts. Subsection 1324(a)(2) prohibits bringing or attempting to bring unauthorized aliens to the United States in any manner whatsoever, even at a designated port of entry. Subsection 1324(a)(3).

Title 8, U.S.C. 1324(a) Offenses, ed., Department of Justice Criminal Resource Manual

Essentially, all that both NPCs domestically, and NGOs internationally, do is a crime. That means that most of what these organizations are doing is illegal under Federal law, and those officers, employees, and contributors are legally liable for those criminal acts.

For instance, some NPCs are actively assisting illegal aliens to cross the border. Here an employee of an NPC helps illegals through the border fence, then the illegal aliens are transported to a Border Patrol collection point.

Both assisting the illegals through the fence and transporting the illegal aliens are criminal acts that should be investigated and prosecuted. And it is not just the lone individual who is criminally liable; the organization he works for is liable and the perpetrator is doing this at the direction and instruction of some organization, be it HIAS, JFSSD, or CCUSA.

And actions taken outside the United States are covered by Section 1324. The ARC and other organizations like IOM, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), and HIAS provide maps, shelter, and funds to illegals to travel from the Darien Gap through Mexico to the border.

UNHCR Alien Smuggler Filippo Grandi

The American Red Cross has maps and guides for migrants to make the dangerous journeys to the U.S.-Mexico border, according to documents exclusively obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation.

EXCLUSIVE: Red Cross Packets Show Migrants Where To Cross The US Border, Jennie Taer, The Daily Caller, March 9, 2023


The United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR), which receives billions in U.S. taxpayer money, is handing out cash debit cards and other funds for lodging and prescription medicines to U.S.-bound migrants who spill out into this southern Mexican city by the hundreds of thousands.

Every day, word of the UN’s cash assistance draws long lines of hopeful U.S.-bound migrants to a large, grey building staffed by application-takers and interviewers who determine who gets the money.

In Mexico’s Deep South, the United Nations Explains Handing Cash to U.S.-Bound Migrants, by Todd Bensman, CIS, January 20, 2022

Any act, big or small, any money, any assistance, any advice on how to get to the United States, any agreement between any person or organization to take any act to aid these illegal aliens to get to the United States, even if committed by a United Nations official, even if committed by an employee of a religious charity, is illegal.

What this means is that the next administration can obtain grand jury indictments against the head of the Red Cross, the head of HIAS, the head of CCUSA, against any employee involved in any program aiding illegal aliens to get to and enter the United States, and any transportation after they are arrested.

And welfare or benefits are an enticement to come to the United States, with any aid after arrest and processing by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) also being illegal, as the illegal aliens are coming in many cases for the benefits provided by these same NPCs and government agencies.

A brash Venezuelan migrant with nearly 300,000 social media followers is urging his comrades to “unite” in support of the 15-year-old from his home country who allegedly fired at cops after blasting a tourist in the leg in Times Square.

Leonel Moreno, who goes by @leitooficial_25 on TikTok and Instagram and appears to live in a suburb of Columbus, Ohio with his partner and their three-month-old daughter, has also posted videos bragging about earning money by begging on the streets, and collecting government handouts.

Migrant ‘Influencer’ Calls For All Venezuelans To Beg For Money, ‘Unite’ To Support Teen Times Square Shooter: Video, by Georgia Worrell, New York Post, February 24, 2024

Besides food stamps and begging (unreported income to both the Internal Revenue Service and State welfare authorities), this illegal alien, Leonel Moreno, is likely getting aid from charities. And no, an illegal alien in removal proceedings is not legally present, so any assistance to him, such as paying for food, housing, or transportation, is illegal, including the flight or bus he took to Ohio.

President Trump’s next Attorney General and DHS Secretary will have work cut out for them. This must include taking down organizations such as HIAS, JFSSD, and IOM, as well as arresting the UNHCR, Filippo Grandi, and others, like HIAS’ Mark Hetfield, the President and Chief Executive Officer.

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