Nobody Notices Nuthin': Serena Williams (Totally Not On Steroids) Again
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Serena WilliamsHere’s a funny sports article from the NYT that’s set up to show you pictures of the six favorites in the women’s U.S. Open tennis tournament that’s getting underway in New York. How is the sixth competitor different from the first five?

I wrote about this same subject two years ago, and ranted about the general topic here.

Here’s part of an interview with Paul Kimmage, the Irish cyclist turned journalist who helped bring down Lance Armstrong:

“I don’t believe the World Cup is any different to any other sport. You are telling me there is no doping in football? With the money that is there. You look at the performances of teams, the distances players are covering over 90 minutes and there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that some form of drug-related cheating is going on.

“Possibly, and this may sound ridiculous, cycling is one of the cleanest sports left because the controls are full on. But f***ing tennis, I find it nauseating to watch it on TV to see the McEnroes and all the commentators engage in this big love-in. And the bottom line is we are all getting rich here folks, lets not upset the apple-cart.”

We want superheroes.


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