No, They Wouldn't—NRO Writer Thinks South LA Crime Is Caused By Location
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The NRO piece on South Central quoted by Brenda below has some interesting stuff in it, ("While turning onto Gage Avenue, I nearly drove my car into a goat.") but it also contains this absolutely insane paragraph by Timothy Stanley, a young British writer[Twitter]:

"The demographics of South Los Angeles have changed, but its problems have remained exactly the same. The 1993 figure for those living in poverty is identical to the one in 2009: 30 percent. The proportion of those who have been the victim of a crime was 27 percent in 1993 and is 26.3 percent today. The statistics confirm that the origins of crime are circumstantial rather than innate. Those appalling crime rates are caused by environment and poverty. Were the movie producers of wealthy Bel Air to lose all their jobs and relocate to South L.A., they’d be killing and stealing from one another in no time."[The Globalization of South Los Angeles, May 19, 2011 ]

No, they wouldn't. A number of bad things have been said about movie producers, but that one is not on the list. People steal and rob because they aren't capable of making money in business.

Like it or not, the immigrant, frequently refugee, ancestors of today's movie producers proved that they could lose everything and start over without stealing or killing.

The ancestors of the black and Hispanic residents of South Central, on the other hand, come from places where there was stealing and killing when they were at home.

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