No Problem: No Morgenthau Wants To Be A Fire Fighter
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I learn from Steve Sailer’s blog that the despicable Robert Morgenthau has been appointed ”Special Master” in United States v. City of New York, the NY Firefighters discrimination suit:
Morgenthau Tapped to Oversee Remedies in Firefighters' Bias Suit New York Law Journal Mark Fass May 27, 2010

Morgenthau of course distinguished himself by his virulently anti-white behavior as District Attorney of Manhattan, as scrupulously documented by Nicholas Stix.

So the Judge in this case, one Nicholas Garifus is effectively handing over settlement to an enemy of the Firefighters, saying

"The city does not appear to understand that it has already lost this case, and that its obligation now is …to move with alacrity to cure its illegal practices,"

No problem: no Morgenthau wants to be a Firefighter.

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