"No More Deaths" Report—Much Ado About Nothing
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Migra Hands Off The war against immigration enforcement continues. No More Deaths, an organization with the explicit mission of ending immigration law enforcement has published a report created by its own interviewers of sad tales of depravity committed against illegal aliens by Border Patrol Agents. The litany of complaints is itself laughable as not returning shoe laces is one of the major concerns reported by illegal aliens. One only has to go to the No More Deaths website and see their graphic of a illegal alien holding a sign "Migra Hands Off Of Our Community." Of course, that needs a comma somewhere, but what do you expect from those with less than a command of English? And, more tellingly, an agenda.


Our findings include the following:• Border Patrol agents denied food to 2,981 people and gave insufficient food to 11,384 people. Only 20 percent of people in custody for more than two days received a meal.

• Agents denied water to 863 people and gave insufficient access to water to 1,402 additional people. Children were more likely than adults to be denied water or given insufficient water. Many of those denied water by Border Patrol were already suffering from moderate to severe dehydration at the time they were apprehended.

• Physical abuse was reported by 10 percent of interviewees, including teens and children. The longer people were held in custody, the more likely they were to experience physical abuse.

• Of the 433 incidents in which emergency medical treatment or medications were needed, Border Patrol provided access to care in only 59 cases—86 percent were deported without necessary medical treatment.

• The most commonly reported forms of inhumane processing center conditions were overcrowding (5,763 reports), followed by unsanitary conditions (3,107), extreme cold (2,922), and extreme heat (2,349).

• We recorded 2,926 incidents of failure to return personal belongings: 398 cases of failure to return shoes or shoelaces, 211 cases of failure to return money, 201 cases of failure to return identification, 191 cases of failure to return important documents, and 125 cases where no personal belongings were returned at all. People deported without money or key personal belongings are at heightened risk of exploitation and physical harm.

What they don't tell you is that the Border Patrol does not hold aliens for any longer than that time necessary to process an arrest then relocate the arrestee to Mexico. All aliens held more than 24 hours are turned over to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, either for formal removal proceedings or criminal prosecution. Arrestees are sent immediately back to Mexico. There is no need for medical treatment beyond an immediate need. NMDs has a cute photo of an illegal alien's blister on his foot. A blister is of no immediate medical need and can easily be treated in Mexico. There is not much need for food during the few hours aliens are held at Border Patrol Stations. In any event, they do receive snack packs and water. If NMDs had actually done their research, aliens routinely are deported with their food uneaten and in their possession.All USBP holding cells have water, so this complaint can only be either lies, or the fact that Border Patrol Agents do not carry much water with them while patrolling. Any water an agent carries would quickly be depleted after the arrest of a large group. In that situation, only a few arrestees would get water. But once back at the Border Patrol station, they would get all the water they want. In any event, an alien suffering from advanced heat induced illness would be unable to walk across the border during removal and therefore would remain in custody. Those able to walk to Mexico at the Port-of-Entry would therefore be not suffering from any immediate medical necessity. In any event, once across the border, the Mexican government is responsible for the necessities of daily life and any medical treatment.


A member of the treason bar describes the physical abuses as: " Forms if [sic.] physical abuse reported by interviewees included being punched, kicked, bitten by Border Patrol dogs, pushed down hills or into cacti, and being shoved forcefully against walls or vehicles."
That sounds like an episode of Cops. Such "abuse" is just the routine use of force by any law enforcement officer confronting a resisting arrestee. In fact it is quite amusing to see that being "shoved forcefully" is any serious complaint.

Arrestees also complain of extreme heat and cold. Well, it is the desert. A vehicle transporting prisoners can only run the air conditioner so much before it is overwhelmed by the outside temperature and a vehicle full of bodies giving off heat.

Also of interest is that NMDs is creating fiction using a template from the abuses at Abu Ghraib:


Increasing reports of psychological abuse included threatening detainees with death; depriving them of sleep; keeping vehicles and cells at extremely hot or cold temperatures; playing traumatizing songs about people dying in the desert (migracorridos) loudly and continuously; and forced holding of strenuous or painful positions for no apparent reason other than to humiliate.
Clearly they are taking points from the Al Queda playbook and making up complaints. Stress positions? What a joke. Border Patrol agents are much too busy processing the hundreds of thousands of arrestees to single out individual aliens for such sport.


Migracorridos were played over the loudspeakers 24 hours a day at high volume. Every two hours, guards would come in shouting at the detainees and requiring them to line up for inspection. These measures prevented the detainees from sleeping and Gerardo regarded them as forms of psychological torture. He reported substandard conditions that included inadequate food, overcrowding and excessive cold.
And this is obviously a lie as any one who has been in the detention area of a Border Patrol Station can attest to. There is no manner in which music an be played over any public address system, much less play such music while Border Patrol Agents are working processing the detainees. One must understand that the cells and processing are in the same area. There is no way that any agent would accept such treatment in a work area, nor would they want to listen to migracorridos in any event. It would also result in a workplace complaint from the union and a lawsuit from the same union.

What we have then is a work of fiction or exaggeration. Clearly the illegal aliens and their handlers at NMDs have an agenda, and that is ending enforcement by hook or by crook.

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