No DLs for Illegals in Mexico
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Here's one rare way in which the United States should be more like Mexico, if that can be imagined. Yep, for all its jabbering about how we should award drivers licenses to illegal aliens (particularly Mexicans), Mexico offers no such easy identification to foreigners within its borders.

Ever the King of the Hypocrites, Mexico's Presidente Calderon has carped up a storm about American Presidential candidates mentioning the Mexican invasion in negative terms. Calderon certainly took note of Spitzer's licensing scam being a major political controversy that finally going down in flames.

MEXICO CITY - The question of whether to give driver's licenses to illegal immigrants has ignited a national debate in the United States.

Yet in Mexico, the biggest source of immigrants to the USA, there's no debate: If you're not in the country legally, you can't get a driver's license.

All of Mexico's 31 states, along with the federal district of Mexico City, require foreigners to present a valid visa if they want a driver's license, according to a survey of states by USA TODAY.

"When it comes to foreigners, we're a little more strict here," said Alejandro Ru?­z, director of education at the Mexican Automobile Association. [Not legal? No Mexican driver's license for you USA Today 11/15/07]

Furthermore, Mexicans are terrible drivers even when they are not drunk. It doesn't help that they come from a culture that has few standards for driving competence generally.
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