Reconquista Dreams on Hold....for Now
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On Saturday, Sen. Harry Reid’s lame-duck surprise failed, as the Senate voted 55-41 for cloture, five votes short of the needed 60, in the matter of the ”DREAM Act” amnesty.

Back on September 21, Reconquista propagandist Patricia Nazario claimed, surreally, at 89.3 KPCC Southern California Public Radio,

If U.S. Senators pass the DREAM Act, it would offer a conditional path to citizenship through college graduation or military service for as many as 60,000 undocumented young people nationwide. Opponents say it should be part of a comprehensive immigration bill - not a provision of a defense spending proposal.
But as I wrote on Friday night, in ALIPAC: Read the Fine Print; Dream Act Amnesty Permits Obama to Amnesty All Illegals, although the DREAM Act was unacceptable in any form, even as an amnesty of 60,000 illegal human beings, its real purpose was as a stealth amnesty for every illegal human being on American soil, which I estimated to total at least 28,000,000. The Reconquistas’ DREAM is Americans’ nightmare.

DREAM Act coverage:

A tip ”o the hat to my VDARE colleague, Brenda Walker.
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